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BDL 11-92 1299


Berlin Deluxe (modified)
Bought by RevMatt March 2007
Restored by me July 2007
Bought by me June 2008
Modified August 2008 for blues/rock.

17 files, last one added on Oct 11, 2008
Album viewed 135 times

BP 12-93 2193


Berlin Pro (modified)
Bought privately and restored
Main gigging guitar

7 files, last one added on Oct 12, 2008
Album viewed 206 times

LA 7-93 599


Los Angeles Pro II
Bought on eBay. Used for all Shadows instrumentals.
Has been set up so plays well, but cosmetically poor condition, will restore

19 files, last one added on Nov 11, 2007
Album viewed 164 times

NYB 1015/7328RM


New York Broadway (modified)
Bought all the bits separately
Restored and assembled

28 files, last one added on Oct 11, 2008
Album viewed 157 times

M4 8-94 267


Milan IV
Bought on eBay & restored

26 files, last one added on Mar 02, 2007
Album viewed 948 times

LA 11-92 148


Los Angeles Plus
Bought on eBay & restored
Sold to RevMatt
Sold on by him

11 files, last one added on Oct 10, 2007
Album viewed 148 times



Bought 19th June 2010 for 155. Due for restoration late 2010 or early 2011.

5 files, last one added on Jun 20, 2010
Album viewed 83 times



Past and present guitars not made by Patrick Eggle Guitars.

21 files, last one added on Feb 09, 2009
Album viewed 680 times

Amps & FX


Matamp 1224 & 2/12 cab
Blackstar Artisan 15
Matamp Jazz & Blues
Effects pedal boards

26 files, last one added on May 31, 2018
Album viewed 750 times

Public Address System


Details of PA

5 files, last one added on Nov 27, 2006
Album viewed 298 times



Various shots at different gigs

16 files, last one added on Nov 02, 2008
Album viewed 94 times

B 3-92 655


28 files, last one added on Jul 19, 2017
Album viewed 92 times

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Random files - tone256's Gallery
Immediately after sanding16 viewsI tried 2 different strippers, neither of which touched the finish and so I sanded it off to the bare wood. This revealed quite a nice piece of maple, but without any figuring whatsoever, which is not surprising as it was intended to be covered in solid black.tone256
M4 3-94 26245 viewsOffered in July 2009 by Superprodux for a B.I.N. of 795 and "best offer" feature, it is described as:

Patrick Eggle Milan IV Pro Bass Guitar
Liquidation Stock Recently removed from a bankrupt music store
In superb condition (see supersized photos) made in 1994
Serial no. M4 3-94 262
Our price includes VAT @ 15% and a full VAT invoice will be supplied with the good
Yamaha SB5533 viewsBassist article 2nd pagetone256
New York Bass 4 serial #758239 viewstone256
BP 4-92 85246 viewsSold 1/11/08 in USA for 501. Balance of description:
"Paperwork provided by Eggle guitars explains all this and is included with the guitar. Wilkinson Locking Tremolo system. This guitar has had one owner. It was made in the UK and sold in the UK by a UK music store to a person in the USA. It comes with a Patrick Eggle hardcase, Patrick Eggle guitar strap and all tools and accessories for the Sperzel and Wilkinson systems. Currently there are locking quick release strap locks on the guitar which is also included. A new set of strings will also be included."
Damage to the bottom front of the body109 viewsShows the switch the previous owner installed. This turns all the pickups off and will be replaced with a conventional tone control. The cap to the selector switch is also missing.tone256
Body front before restoration76 viewstone256
Matamp Jazz & Blues15 viewsBrass metalwork.tone256
Hundon whole band.jpg
Jurassic Rock rocking150 viewstone256
1988/89 Climaxe55 viewstone256
Front of headstock following restoration61 viewsShowing new rosewood truss rod covertone256
Ding106 viewsThere were 6 dings to this depth, which varied in size. There were also other shallower scratches, scuffs and knocks over the edges and back of the body.tone256

Last additions - tone256's Gallery
Effects Board version 511 viewsSignal path:
guitar - Shure wireless receiver/tuner - Decimator G String noise gate (trigger only) - Keeley compressor - Maverick wah - OCD Fulltone distortion - Rothwell Atomic Booster treble boost - TC Electronic Spark (clean boost) - Decimator G String noise gate (signal) - MXR Carbon Copy delay - Matamp Blues/Jazz amp.

PA switch:
Murder One Killswitch (turns pa effects on/off).

1 - gate & compressor; 2 - radio receiver/tuner; 3 - wah, delay & pa effects switch; 4 - OCD; 5 - Atomic Booster & TSC
tone256May 31, 2018
Guitar and case come together14 viewstone256Aug 28, 2017
Provenance17 viewstone256Aug 28, 2017
Case after restoration13 viewsThe whole outside was polishedtone256Aug 28, 2017
Case after restoration15 viewsThe original handle was missing and the catches didn't work. These were replaced.tone256Aug 28, 2017
Heel view20 viewsshowing more of the faux binding.tone256Aug 28, 2017
Top horn19 viewsI scraped away the small residue from staining to achieve faux binding.tone256Aug 28, 2017
Action18 views2/64" treble side; 3/64" bass side.tone256Aug 28, 2017
Finished neck18 viewsDressed, re-profiled and polished frets.tone256Aug 28, 2017
Finished back26 viewsI stained this darker before applying the oil so it provided a better contrast for the faux binding (see side shot).tone256Aug 28, 2017
Completed body front24 viewsThe combination of stain and oil provides a low gloss (satin) finish which is tactile and allows the character of the wood to shine through.tone256Aug 28, 2017
Completed job16 viewsAs the cap had no figuring, I decided to add interest by staining before applying the oiled finish.tone256Aug 28, 2017