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Body front578 viewsSolid maple top, not book-matched. Although not unusual, it is, in my opinion, a special feature as I like the flaming being unbalanced, i.e. different on each side of the axis, and I particularly like the knot towards the heel, which wouldn't be there in a book-matched top.tone256
Full length brown background.jpg
Full length front534 viewsModifications:
Seymour Duncan Custom Custom at bridge, Alnico Pro 2 at neck
Nickel plated pickup covers
Cream pickup surrounds and selector knob
Standard tone control with push/pull switch to coil tap bridge pickup
Volume control with push/pull switch to coil tap neck pickup
New volume and tone knobs with wood effect tops
1 commentstone256
Front headstock.jpg
Front headstock499 viewsNotice the absence of Patrick Eggle or Eggle de-cal. This may have been removed during preparation for a (possibly) wax finish before I got it, but there is no indication in the form of shading or difference in texture to indicate it was ever there.tone256
Back headstock.jpg
Back headstock466 viewstone256
Back body.jpg
Back body417 viewstone256
1992 Berlin Standard B 12-92 1327414 viewsOne-piece maple top with virtually no finish. Note that the guitar was originally fitted with Eggle PAF humbuckers and no coiltap. I replaced these with Eggle Kent Armstrongs and added a Yamaha push-push tone pot, wired to provide coiltap. The current owner has the original pups and tone pot.
UPDATE July 2007 - it's mine again!
UPDATE July 2008 - now fitted with SD Jazz (neck) & Custom Custom (bridge)
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Eggle Trio.jpg
Eggle Trio, 92 Berlin, 93 L.A. Plus and 03 Berlin314 viewsfloyd
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Berlin full sm.jpg
Ah, a lovely guitar don't you think? Berlin Dlx308 viewsNow sold, but was a very significant and faithful part of my line up for a good few years.RevMatt
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SD Jazz in the neck, SD Distortion in the bridge, fantastic.JPG
03 Berlin Pro with birdseye maple top.285 viewsSD Jazz neck, SD Distortion bridge.floyd
2003 Berlin Pro.JPG
03 Berlin Pro.285 views03 Berlin Pro, with birds eye top and fretboard floyd
282 viewsBB 5-94 2898digitalkettle
A closer view of the front279 views2 commentsGadge
JS 055 Wilkinson VS100C trem in gold/black274 viewsGadge
BPHT front (again)269 viewsPickups are Seymour Duncans, Custom Custom in the bridge and a pair of singles.RevMatt
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