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News: The Official PEG Forum closed on Monday 25th July 2005, indefinitely ... this independent and unofficial PEG Forum
began 11th August 2005 after an interim experiment!
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Patrick Eggle Guitars Forum

January 09, 2011, 08:22:49 by Gadge
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8th January 2011

EMAIL ADDRESS EXCLUSIONS: An increasing number of users of anonymous free email services have become a source of trouble for this forum, so the owner has decided to bar the acceptance of HOTMAIL/OUTLOOK, YAHOO and GMAIL/GOOGLEMAIL email addresses for registration, until further notice. This will be under continuous review and others may be added ...

If you only use such a service and have no other email address, but wish to discuss your particular case for joining, you are very welcome to write to:
forum AT patrickeggleguitars DOT org

REGISTRATION BY PROXY SERVER CONNECTION: This is no longer permissible. Unfortunately this may affect some applicants using an intranet (school connections, business networks), registering on a cell phone, or using a browser that does not support compression or does not accept encoding — sorry! Please email (as above) – the administrator(s) can register accounts manually if you would like to join. Please include your choice of username and, if not already assigned to someone else, this will help speed your acceptance ...
August 31, 2005, 21:34:16 by Gadge
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If you're disappointed that you have virtually no access to the interesting areas of this forum, i.e. the topics, please consider that registration is a minor inconvenience and you will benefit greatly from taking that small step.

What are you missing by not registering? Not only is there a comprehensive collection of reference information (brochures, catalogs, news and magazine articles) relating directly to Patrick Eggle Guitars, there are message boards for General Discussion (music-related and non-music), as well as boards for active auctions (on eBay etc), private sales/swap/wanted ads and a Calendar for date-related events of interest to musicians.

Of course there are also boards covering just about every model or variation made during "The Legendary Years (90s)" including Berlin, New York, Los Angeles, Vienna, Boston, Stratford, Milan and Tony Iommi Signature models.

There's opportunities to ask or answer questions to/from other enthusiasts; post details of your own PEG instruments including pictures or message attachments; communicate publicly or privately with other members; very little in the way of posting restrictions regarding content as long as you abide by the rules of common decency and courtesy.

Please register ...
August 11, 2005, 03:55:34 by Gadge
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I'm glad you managed to find us here!

If you were a member of the offiicial Patrick Eggle Guitars Forum before it closed down on 25th July 2005, you will be familiar with some of the members here but not the new look and feel of this particular forum software — I'm confident you will find it a great improvement, not only ergonomically, but there's much more freedom about what may be discussed. Apart from the usual rules that you read and agreed to abide by when you registered, there's no restrictions!

If you're new here, I trust you'll find this a useful resource of information regarding all Eggles made in the 90s — one thing that's important to impart from the outset:

I was told by previous PEG managers that all manufacturing records that were meticulously maintained and held by the various owners of Patrick Eggle Guitars during the 90s were destroyed during the period of ownership by Musical Exchanges, after the move from the original factory at Bodmin Road, Coventry to Water Street in Central Birmingham, sometime around 97/98. It matters not whether their destruction was deliberate or not, but the physical T-card system was dumped in a skip and in a separate incident, the computer-held database was trashed during a software upgrade! [Edit 2019] HOWEVER, it has become evident over the last few years that the current owners hold some manufacturing records, the extent of which is unknown!

So, we have no written records to refer to other than a few scraps — instead we have a collection of enthusiasts who have been building a jigsaw puzzle through collaboration and discussion, members of a forum that no longer exists because the plug was pulled without warning on 25th July 2005! Yet again there's been a loss of considerable information because all of the data and discussion by the members of the official forum has been withdrawn from the public domain.

We hope you will join in with this new project to rebuild a very useful resource ...
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