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Sounds good! Thank you for your reply.

I think I'll have a look on the guitar. If these are as good as they are claimed to be, it could be a keeper for me and let go one of my strats. Never played one of those. The sound is more important and how it plays, and if the neck fits my hand, I will consider the trade.

CIJ's are great guitars and probably will raise in price in the end more than eggle. Dunno.

Thanks for posting your query and welcome to the forum.

That's a nice looking Berlin. It certainly looks to be a Berlin Pro HT, dating from around 1995/6. You're right, the neck is maple, the norm for most models was mahogany but the 22 fret models had maple.

In terms of price it's hard to give a definite guide to what it would sell for but with the case and assuming good condition possibly anything from 650-800. I would think that as a swap for your guitar, it's a fair deal. But it all depends whether you want it...

Let us know how it works out.
Hi all,

New guy here. I got offered as a trade to CIJ Jazzmaster (Q serial, 2002-2004) an Eggle that the seller claims to be a Berlin Pro HT with "mahogany neck and body".

To my eyes the neck definitely doesn't look like mahogany, rather maple. The look of the guitar to me is pretty special, I really like the dark look of it.

The thing is the price. I don't think it is not worth the money, but the seller asks it for 1050 (in Finland). Not that many of these Eggles are moving around here.

What do think, go or no go? To me the price is a bit high, though I'm asking 890 for my Jazzmaster, which could be higher as well.

Definitely not that good of a market up here in the North for Eggles.

Thank for all the answers already! :)

EDIT: the pickups are handmade humbucker sized p90 (a Finnish quite known guy here) and the rotary switch is switched to a 3-way, the seller claims.

Eggles / Berlin Pro HT 24, LEFTY, circa 1996/7, serial no. 009625
« Last post by RevMatt on October 14, 2018, 18:09:47 »
Item no. 401616352004
Seller: mrsgrayt
Listing ends: 11/11/18, 19:11
BIN Price: 1000 or best offer

Left handed Patrick Eggle

009625 serial number

Made in England

Lovely mahogany body and neck

Sperzel tuners

Seymour Duncan in bridge and iron gear in neck, very hot pickups

Comes with original document and hardcase

Has a few marks here and there, just restrung but may need a slight set up to buyers preference

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Listed on eBay (or similar sites) / Re: Custom NY / Liberty-esque
« Last post by Wolfen on October 12, 2018, 22:09:09 »
Cool! Looks like that even the pickguard is PEG. The truss rod cover is wrong, obviously, and no photo showing the neck bolting. Love that rich blue!
Listed on eBay (or similar sites) / Custom NY / Liberty-esque
« Last post by mcnelson on October 12, 2018, 07:10:44 »
This is for sale in Wolverhampton at an incredibly reasonable price of 200 OVNO:

This is a special guitar built by a friend who passed away last year. I'm selling on his collection and this one has just arrived. It is built from Patrick Eggle parts in the style of the 'New York'. However, it a has some nice refinements. Firstly there are 3 pickups - 2 Seymour Duncans & an unknown make humbucker in the bridge position which has a 3 -way toggle selection for split coils and coil tap. The other 3 -way switch manages the normal 3 pickup combinations associated with a stratocaster. There is the added bonus of a Wilkinson tremolo bridge.
Looks quite interesting - has some custom switching added. If you're after an NY you could do worse than take a look.

Eggles / Re: Vienna Pro, 1993, serial no. VP 9-93 182
« Last post by Wolfen on October 03, 2018, 06:55:33 »
Relisted again
... and the trem arm is shown in one of the photos

Great catch dazberry! I read your post and had to look twice before I spotted the trem arm on one of the photos. As this is not a VS100C, a Wilkinson or similar std arm will do. I wonder if this is a replacement arm that was added in the meantime. If the current photos are recently made by the new seller, the guitar appears to have not been played, even not tuned since its April 18 appearance. No love here!
Eggles / Re: Vienna Pro, 1993, serial no. VP 9-93 182
« Last post by dazberry on October 01, 2018, 19:39:30 »
Relisted again here with a start price of 750.00, this time from a missnixi89 who appears to also be in Harrow and who also has a fondness for sparse descriptions ...   :-|

... and the trem arm is shown in one of the photos
General PEG & General Musical Discussion / Re: NGD Gibson Les Paul
« Last post by Wolfen on September 30, 2018, 19:42:49 »
Congrats Ivo, a much different interpretion than the solid body Nashville classics. I understand the NGD on this Gibbo, couldn't resist recently on a Derek Trucks SG. My 1st SG, Greta van Fleet is probably guilty, as it wasn't Angus :lol:!
DLX / Re: New York Deluxe
« Last post by Wolfen on September 29, 2018, 21:37:09 »
Well, there's only one Iggy, isn't it. And I recall that he showcased even in a recent movie (Blood Orange) with a NY Std. So, he's maybe a NY fan, which leads us to ....... :idea:
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